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Account Sign-Up is CLOSED

Due to the large number of new sign-ups and the time required to process them for protest, the on-line sign-up window is closed. Bettencourt Tax Advisors, LLC is committed to taking the extra time to quality check our protest lists to ensure the accuracy of the protest lists submitted to the county appraisal districts. If you have not already signed up with Bettencourt Tax Advisors, LLC for the 2018 property tax protest/hearing season, please see the information below.

Bettencourt Tax Advisors, LLC (BTA) will be accepting late sign-ups for residential and commercial properties in Harris County only. If you live in Harris county please go to the county appraisal district or its web site to complete the protest process. Please retain your assigned I-File number then contact BTA's Customer Service or Commercial Services team at 713-263-6100 on Friday, May 18th to sign-up.

Once you are signed up with BTA, you will receive an Appointment of Agent form, a Property Tax Services Agreement, and a Property Condition Report (PCR) that will guide you through collecting the type of evidence that may be needed to protest your property valuations.

Return your signed and dated documents to BTA within 48 hours. The Appointment of Agent Form and the Services Agreement are required in order for Bettencourt Tax Advisors to represent your property at the appraisal district.  

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