Letter from "The Taxman"

For ten years I stood up for property tax relief for all Texas taxpayers as the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector. Today, as the CEO of Bettencourt Tax Advisors (BTA), helping commercial and residential property taxpayers reduce their tax liabilities and save them money on their tax bills is still my primary objective.

As a former board member of the appraisal district of the third largest county in the country, I know how important that is for you, too! I have assembled a team of talented, experienced, and knowledgeable consultants who are ready to go to bat for you; and developed the latest in Appeal Summary technology to better serve your properties in the hearing process.

At BTA, our goal is to provide you the services necessary to help you reduce your property taxes. This includes filing property value protests, researching your property tax accounts, representing you in both the informal and formal hearing process, and, if necessary, providing support and management for litigation or arbitration on your behalf. Bettencourt Tax Advisors is committed to doing the best job for you, the taxpayer. Let us help you in your effort to obtain fair, equal, and uniform property tax appraisals. "The Taxman" knows that by signing up early, well before the May 31st deadline, will help get you better results on your protest. Don't wait Sign-Up Today!

Go to Account Sign-Up with your county tax number and property address in hand and enter the information we need to defend your property from higher appraised values. We will be sending you confidential information, so please use a valid e-mail address. If you are a commercial client with commercial real estate or Business Personal Property(BPP) accounts, please call the office at (713) 263-6100 and ask for someone in the Commercial Department. If you have more than three residential accounts, then call and ask for the customer service department and they will offer you a group discount rate.

I want to thank the thousands of good taxpayers who have trusted Bettencourt Tax Advisors with their property tax accounts and welcome you to join them this year. The fastest way to a property tax cut is a successful protest. The BTA team is ready to protest your property tax appraisals and represent you in your property valuation hearings! We have the right combination of talent and technology to save our customers money on their property taxes.

Paul "The Taxman" Bettencourt
CEO, Bettencourt Tax Advisors