BTA’s Property Tax Protest Process

1. Go to the BTA Sign-Up page and Sign Up Today! 

2. Upon sign up, please digitally sign and upload the Appointment of Agent Form and BTA Services Agreement. 

3.  You will have the opportunity to complete and sign the Property Condition Report during the sign-up process as well. This form may be completed, signed, and returned at a later date with any evidence you would like to submit. Your property condition details will be uploaded into our system upon receipt. Please return it as quickly as possible to ensure your evidence is processed and placed in your file before hearings start. 

4. Once your signed documents are received into BTA’s system you will receive the property tax protest and hearing services (shown below) every year.

*Pre-Hearing Preparation is based on the type of property and can include:

  • Analyzing Customer Evidence 
  • Analyzing Available Market and Sales Data 
  • Analyzing Industry Data
  • Filing Renditions for Business Personal Property 
  • Filing Exemptions, as Needed