Property Tax Litigation & Arbitration

Is Your Appraisal Review Board (ARB) Hearing Result Too High?

You can still litigate or arbitrate your property tax value.


Click Here to Read Paul's article from the September 2016 edition of REDNews, “Not Satisfied with your Appraisal Review Board (ARB) Hearing Results? You Can Still Litigate or Arbitrate Your Property Tax Value.

You have 60 days to file an Arbitration or Litigation Appeal from the date of receipt of your Appraisal
Review Board (ARB) Order of Protest paperwork. Bettencourt Tax Advisors, LLC has an experienced
Litigation/Arbitration team that can help you maximize your property tax savings! You can save
approximately $25,000 in property taxes for every $1,000,000 reduction in property tax value.

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Filing for a litigation or arbitration hearing is the third step in the protest appeal process in Texas. If there is a strong case for a value reduction and the county appraisal district will not agree to it in the formal hearing, Bettencourt Tax Advisors can provide litigation management and support, or arbitration services on your behalf.

To qualify for litigation or arbitration:

1. Your property must be settled in an Appraisal Review Board (ARB) or correction hearing to be eligible for either arbitration or litigation.
2. You must have a homestead exemption; or have a commercial or residential property valued below $5 million to qualify for an arbitration.
3. All other properties may qualify for litigation

Litigation settlement agreements can be arrived at in different ways: court-ordered mediations, settlement conferences, negotiated agreements and, rarely, actual trials. A successful outcome can depend on the team you assemble and their ability to navigate the different venues.

Bettencourt Tax Advisors can help you Litigate or Arbitrate a bad result at your ARB hearing.

  • Filing a Judicial Appeal or Arbitration with BTA can save you nearly 10% more on average.
  • BTA has specialized in Litigation and Arbitration for the past 7 years.
  • BTA's Senior Property Tax Consultants and Tax Agents are especially trained in the BTA Way of Judicial Appeal Methods to save you money on your tax bills.

Paul Bettencourt attended every litigation mediation for BTA's existing customers for 5 years in a row to provide his assistance and expertise as needed.


To sign-up with BTA's experienced team or learn more about reducing your property tax valuation through litigation or arbitration, contact BTA NOW!


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